He might be a noisy brat… but I’m the one who found him, and gave him a name

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and so I contributed to the Toumaki fandom.

[Fic] You Won’t Answer My Calls

Pairings/Characters: TouMaki (Toudou Jinpachi x Makishima Yusuke)
Warnings: Angst :) otherwise no special warnings… I think 
Notes: Decided to re-use an old fic I wrote for another fandom, I’ll try to make sense. I can’t really remember how I first planned out this fic.I’m equally confused too. Toudou’s POV first.
Summary: They were both waiting for the other to say those words. 

Even though I know how much you hate it, I can’t do anything but this 
In front of your door, just idly waiting.

I don’t for how many times I’ve been here, waiting for you to show up…flashing me that incredible flawless smile of yours; which a normal person would think was gross but not me. 
Your door is just a few meters away. Just one step and I would be able to reach it, touch it and maybe even knock on it. Every time I end up in front of your door, my courage drops and I retreat without being able to do anything. 
I know you hate it. I know those looks you give me the day after. 
What can I do? 
It’s not like I can just break through your door and take you away. No….it has to be you who opens the door for me, inviting me in, to your house and to your heart. 

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