I used to love mixing collabs but now its more of a work than enjoyment and I know it would sound selfish but its not my fault but the coverists fault. When the lines are sang halfheartedly in a rush because they missed the due date that was two weeks ago and there were 2 weeks to record. I hate how after that everyone jumps all over the mixer asking when the song will be finished. MAYBE The mixer is to pissed of at your bullshit and doesn’t want to mix the song anyone!? How about that!


just their opinions on each other and them side by side, from the manga


Day #23:
Do we need a shikatema week
Yes we need a shikatema week


I just want to draw them in some fashionable vintage clothing~
Also, new hairstyle~~ XD


Drops of Jupiter, I feel, should be the HitsuKarin theme song. I don’t know, it just works.

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